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Blue Ridge Builders LLC is a company dedicated to providing you the best agricultural buildings at the fairest price. That is why we specialize in building pole barns. Our pole barn builders are trained and equipped to create an affordable alternative to a traditional stick frame barn. We know that many families and farmers alike are looking to increase the storage and overall space they have for their livestock or farming equipment, but don’t want to pay the steep price that traditional barn building costs. Pole barns are versatile in their storage and are more cost-effective for many farming families. Contact us today to get a free quote from one of our pole barn builders!

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Customizable Amish Pole Barns

At Blue Ridge Builders LLC, we use the same materials and processes to construct our Amish pole barns as our PA pole buildings. In addition to pole barns, our pole barn builders can create pole barn garages and other pole buildings. All our pole barns are constructed with a four-ply lamppost and are 4 feet in the ground. Our Amish pole barns, buildings, and garages have metal roofs. Because we are a full-service agricultural construction company, we can take care of all parts of the pole building process from the metal roofing to the structure to the foundation.

One of the advantages of creating a pole barn or building is that they are extremely versatile. No matter if you need a pole barn for your livestock, farming, or power equipment, or to store loose parts around the farm, it can fulfill any of those needs. If you are looking to create a livestock pole barn, we can add free stalls, feeding stations, and horse barns. We have many unique customization features for our Amish pole barns and buildings like additional doors( including hydraulic doors), peak ceilings for fitting large tractors, custom stalls, and insulation. If you are looking to create a building or barn on your property, contact our pole building experts to get a quote today!

Pole Barn Construction That Can’t Be Beat

As we have mentioned above, the real appeal to pole barns is our easy pole barn construction and their affordable cost. Pole barns not only use more affordable materials that are just as long-lasting as stick frame barns, but they also are quicker to construct. A normal pole barn can be constructed in 1-3 days, while a traditional stick frame barn will take weeks to create. This is great for those that need a barn they can depend on now. With pole barn construction you can’t beat, now is the time to contact Blue Ridge Builders LLC!

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With the high demand for pole barns and buildings in the PA and Maryland area, Blue Ridge Builders LLC is dedicated to creating the perfect barn for you that you can rely on. Our pole barn builders have years of experience and are ready to meet your exact customer needs. If you need more space for your home or farm, look no further than pole barns from Blue Ridge Builders LLC. Contact us today for more information and to get a free quote on our pole barn construction!